Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020
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US wildfires: Trump spars with California officials over climate change

CA, 15 Sep 2020
During a briefing in California on Monday on the ongoing wildfires, California Gov. Gavin Newsom urged President Donald Trump to recognize the role climate change is playing in the ongoing fires.

Trump in the past has blamed wildfires in the state on poor vegetation forest management, but Newsom said while there was an area of "commonality" on this aspect, he asked Trump to "please respect, and I know you do, the difference in opinion out here as it relates to this fundamental issue on the issue of climate change."

The president responded, saying "absolutely," but in an separate exchange with the state's natural resources secretary, Wade Crowfoot, he said that "it'll start getting cooler. You just watch." This was in response to Crowfoot stressing that if they think it's "all about" vegetation management they would not succeed.

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