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WATCH: 'This is fabulous,' House Speaker McCarthy says in aftermath of debt ceiling deal

PBS, 01 Jun 2023
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy celebrated the passage of a debt ceiling deal in the House of Representatives on Wednesday night and promised that Democratic Party support meant he could push for more Republican budget priorities.

The deal was necessary for the U.S. to avoid defaulting on its existing debt and likely further rocking the economy. It was passed without the support of some conservatives who opposed the bill for its compromises, but got the necessary vote of 52 Democrats to pass.

McCarthy said the votes by Democrats proved they would support further Republican priorities including the defunding of new IRS agents, work requirements for those receiving government support and spending cuts.

“This is great. I think it's wonderful that they voted for it. Because they are now on record. So they can’t sit there and yell ‘this isn’t good.’ So I’ll bring something back tomorrow. Let’s get the rest of the IRS agents. Let’s get the rest of the work requirements. Let’s cut more,” McCarthy said.

“This is fabulous, this is one of the best nights I've ever been here. I thought it would be hard.”

The bill now heads to the Senate, with passage expected by the end of the week.

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