Saturday, Jun 19, 2021
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Why is the U.S. emphasizing economic dialogue while banning Chinese companies at the same time?

CGTN, 06 Jun 2021
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Chinese Vice Premier Liu He exchanged views with U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in his second virtual call in a week with top economic and trade officials of the Biden administration. Meanwhile, President Biden has nearly doubled the list of Chinese companies whose shares are off-limits to U.S. investors. What came out of the two calls, and why is the U.S. emphasizing economic dialogue while at the same time banning Chinese companies?

Danish media reports claim the U.S. National Security Agency used Danish cables to spy on senior European officials. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and allies were monitored. How and why did Denmark become the NSA's listening post in Europe? And how have German and European leaders reacted to this?

Israeli opposition parties have reached an agreement to form a new government that would end Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year tenure as prime minister. Will Netanyahu really go? Is the Netanyahu era over? What will it mean for the U.S. with no Netanyahu?

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