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Wisconsin eyewitness describes 'scarring sound' of SUV striking people at Waukesha Christmas parade

Telegraph, 22 Nov 2021
It had been an annual tradition going back at least 15 years for the Singsime family to attend the annual Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The Waukesha Police Department said on its Facebook page that five people were killed and more than 40 injured after an SUV sped through the parade on Sunday (November 21), knocking down dozens of people.

Videos from Waukesha showed a red car hurtling past onlookers and eventually into the back of a marching band and several dance group.

19-year-old Jaden Singsime live-streamed much of the chaos after the incident on Instagram.

Jodie Singsime, 42, is a nurse and tried to spring into action to help those who were hurt.

"We came across the little boy that was in the road, turning purple," she said, estimating that he was nine years old. "His eyes were barely open and his face - all I can remember is his sweet little innocent face was purple. He wasn't really with us."

Police said a "person of interest" was in custody and that the vehicle had been recovered.

It was not immediately known whether the incident was terror-related, but an earlier shelter-in-place order in the town of around 72,000 has now been lifted, according to authorities.

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