Sunday, Oct 24, 2021
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"Withdrawal from Afghanistan doesn't mean failure elsewhere" US general Douglas Lute | Conflict Zone

DW, 24 Sep 2021
Former US "War on Terror" czar, retired U.S. Army general and former US Ambassador to NATO, Douglas Lute, offers a "countervailing" argument on the chaotic end to the US war in Afghanistan, insisting to Tim Sebastian that the status quo had not been sustainable and that collapse of the US-supported Afghan government and military was years in the making. Lute says the messy end to Washington's involvement on the ground in Afghanistan means an end to US military operations in the region.
Lute, who served in the George W. Bush and Barrack Obama administrations as the deputy national security advisor warned of the potential threat, "Transnational terrorists, the terrorists that could strike our capitals have not been eliminated.
"We have to have an ability to watch this region, to monitor this region and when justified, to strike this region with precision and in a timely way. But frankly, from outside Afghanistan, not from inside," Lute told Tim Sebastian.

00:00 Will American accept its own share of the blame for the return of the Taliban?
00:55 A disastrous lack of foresight?
03:15 “Too little attention … on abrupt collapse of the government”
06:20 “This is not a proud moment for America”
12:00 On anger over President Biden comments
17:35 A failure at every level?
21:20 US-EU relations after AUKUS deal
24:35 “Withdrawal from Afghanistan doesn't mean failure elsewhere in the world”


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