@WaterMusic3 @SalbarreyResis1 Exactly. We need to be doing more. Our Congress we worked so hard to give a majority has let us down
Muslim Ban, the Wall, NFL knee, shithole countries, crime infested, low IQ, good people on both sides, nasty, infest, breed, I am a nationalist, not sending their best, hate our country, caravan, go back, send her back, HOW MANY MORE WAYS DOES HE NEED TO SAY HE'S NOT FIT!
Every single one of us must speak out now! Erica Thomas was verbally attacked in a "supermarket by a middle-aged white man who used profanity, called her vulgar names and told her to β€œgo back where you came from” as her nine-year-old daughter looked on."https://t.co/0MiQd6ACaM
Refugee cap: 2016 - 110,000 (Obama) 2017 - 50,000 (Trump) 2018- 45,000 2019 - 30,000 2020 - 0 proposed (note: fiscal years)
@susfree Feel like I am missing the joke. What series?
RT @SteveBoyer5000: .@SpeakerPelosi needs to start an #ImpeachmentInquiryNow or she’ll only have herself to blame for his reelection. https…
To me one of the most disturbing parts is the not normal things Trump does that used to raise outrage, but now barely get attention. We are that frog in the water, coming to boil, degree by degree - and we are boiling.