RT @JerJerrybrown: @Amy_Siskind Anyone ignoring a demand submitted by a congressional oversight committee explicitly empowered by law the n…
@bluestatewoman Appeal. Block in mean time.
With Mehta’s decision I think the last straw before impeachment is whether Trump actually lets Mazars follow the ruling and turn info over. Follows with other committees Wednesday for Deutsche Bank subpoenas. If they still block, Trump will be thumbing at Congress AND Judiciary.
The NYT story about Trump and Kushner's suspicious transactions at Deutsche Bank in 2016 and 2017, including Kushner Cos. with Russian individuals, that sparked money laundering concerns, but went unreported, was yesterday. Not a week ago. Too important a story to forget!
@cmclymer Look at you!
@LeslieHammond2 @sarahkendzior Great see you soon (but it's the 19th ; )
@AmySeeksTruth That's not the point. We have laws like term limits.